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The Discussion

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    pretty good reference, thanks!

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    mike mccullough

    Worthless video!

    Lose the "cool", "neat", "groovy" "really hardcore" and personal sighs, etc ... this will be a better video


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    Herb Goldschmidt

    I agree with mike mccullough above - a very poor presentation, unrehearsed, unstructured, lazy.

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    Chris Dobbyn

    In response to why you see us still using old commands:
    If you made the new commands compatible with older supported version of windows and not just the newest version of windows, maybe people would use the new commands. Just saying.

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    Craig Tolley

    This is a really disappointing introduction. It can be summarised as we added new commands and some syntax highlighting.

    Chris is absolutely right about the backwards compatibility too. Many of our scripting headaches come from finding out that commands that have been around since early versions have been changed and no longer work on the previous versions.

    Hoping to find a better introduction elsewhere.

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    What version of Windows are you using that you can't install this? I think it's available down to Windows 7.

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    Also it appears that (just to use an example presented):

    Get-wmiObject Win32_volume <- will return the PSComputerName
    Get-CimInstance Win32_volume <- does not return the PSComputerName
    Get-Volume | Format-List <- does not return the PSComputerName

    I'm just a newbie, so perhaps I'm missing something.

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