XNA: Game Development – Creating Player Animation

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    Christian Helle

    The link "http://create.msdn.com/education/tutorial/2dgame/animating_the_player." refers to:


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    @Christian Helle: Fixed. Thanks for catching that...

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    Kevin Daly

    Strangely enough, before I logged on I was still getting the mail link. Odd.

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    This is very interesting for 2D purposes but does anyone know where I can find info about techniques and tools that I can use to create and animate 3D models?

    My 3D engine and collision detection is essentially completed now but I'm still not sure what the best tools are for actually creating content and animations for XNA games.

    I've been out of the loop for some time but I'm interested in continuing my game project. Right now I'm importing levels from Unreal Editor (I specifically need level objects in CSG format, because I use this to dynamically create portals).

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    A more general question related to these tutorials:

    Are you going to have a tutorial on creating 3D games as well? All these are related only to 2D. I realize 3D game development is a huge topic but even something like an overview of which tools to use to create 3D content (levels and characters), 3D animations, pros and cons of creating your own game engine vs using an existing engine etc would be helpful.

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