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What’s a game made of? In this video, follow Josh Foss as he maps out a 2D shooter game design from start to finish in just four minutes. Watch, then code along with the tutorial at https://create.msdn.com/education/tutorial/2dgame/design.

We will be featuring a new XNA Game Development video each Monday for the next ten weeks.  If you simply can't wait and would love to jump ahead, here are the links to the videos for the entire series.

XNA: Game Development Intro
XNA: Game Development - Designing the Game
XNA: Game Development - The Game Loop
XNA: Game Development - Creating Player Animation
XNA: Game Development - Creating a Beautiful Background
XNA: Game Development - Introducing Debugging
XNA: Game Development - Making Games Respond with Collision
XNA: Game Development - Loading Content Into Your Game
XNA: Game Development - Playing Sounds
XNA: Game Development - Creating a User Interface
XNA: Game Development - You did it! Now what?




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The Discussion

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    I appreciate these videos but they are very low on technical content. After watching these I am not able to make such a game at all. It's like saying "a bridge is a bunch of stones on top of each other in an arc, now build a bridge". You need to show how it's done. Show visual studio. Give an overview of the classes and methods available. Most importantly: show the code. Somebody who already knows how to do it will be nodding in agreement through these videos, but that does not mean that it enables a beginner to do anything.

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    Okay, I thought it was just these videos, but now I see that there is accompanying text and code at https://create.msdn.com/en-US/education/tutorial/2dgame/design Superb, exactly what I needed. Now I feel stupid for not noticing that -.-

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