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Get ready to jump into games! In this video, Charles Cox outlines the game you’ll create, the platforms you can choose from, and the toolset you’ll use. Watch this video, then follow the tutorial at https://create.msdn.com/education/tutorial/2dgame/getting_started.

We will be featuring a new XNA Game Development video each Monday for the next ten weeks.  If you simply can't wait and would love to jump ahead, here are the links to the videos for the entire series.

XNA: Game Development Intro
XNA: Game Development - Designing the Game
XNA: Game Development - The Game Loop
XNA: Game Development - Creating Player Animation
XNA: Game Development - Creating a Beautiful Background
XNA: Game Development - Introducing Debugging
XNA: Game Development - Making Games Respond with Collision
XNA: Game Development - Loading Content Into Your Game
XNA: Game Development - Playing Sounds
XNA: Game Development - Creating a User Interface
XNA: Game Development - You did it! Now what?



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The Discussion

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    The links to the tutorials listed here in the Channel 9 page are out of order. Just go to the intro tutorial at the actual create.msdn.com website and follow there.

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    @James:  Thanks James.  Fixed.

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    Is it possible to make the text portion of the tutorials available as a downloadable XPS/PDF ebook?  It would be helpful since I do not have internent access at home and can't really spend work (non-programming) time on it during the day.

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