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    this was my first introduction to the Rotor!! had heard about Rotor being called out in congregations of intellects loud enough and repeated several times to scare the passsing mortals out of their wits..
    when i was a student, always wanted to do something significant with technology..
    with gaurav's preview of Rotor, i think it is an excellent opportunity for students to grab the rotor source code and show their own implementation on the operating system of their choice..
    as a additional bit of information, Mono project is the implementation of the CLI on the Linux platform..

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    A correction - Mono is an implementation of the CLi period. Linux just happens to be one of the platforms it supports.

    I've always wondered why Rotor doesnt support Linux - porting the PAL to Linux would have been a lot easier than porting to MacOs and FreeBSd (as the Rotor patches for Linux on the net would show).

    I seriously doubt whether it is a technical problem - more of a philospohy/competitor problem would be my guess

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    Adarsh Bhat
    What does shared source mean in terms of licensing?
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    ROTOR is really rotating me...for lesser mortals what can it mean as a education tool...We are focussing on CLR,MONAD,MONO,LINUX ..adn JAVA is geting out of race..But the mushroom growth of all these technologies are sometimes creating more confusion for learners like me at times...Just a passing  thought...

    Finally I was wondering if I Can I have some links to ROTOR Souce Code and few additional Docs related to it.. 

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    Adarsh - Though I'm not a lawyer, as I understand it, the Shared Source license means that you can play around as much as you want for academic purposes but you can't make commercial profit out of it. Also, I think Microsoft provides you some protection from their patents when you use the Rotor code - but I'm not sure

    Veeru - I understand your sentiment but technology is often driven by the needs of the marketplace. To learn more about Rotor, check out or
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    Gaurav - I heard that the patch in that article doesn't work on the latest distros. It is a great place to start with though

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    Hi Gaurav

    Very well put, I liked this video; only problem was, the last few minute I had to repeatedly listen as you were very fast while speaking

    Overall well briefed, looking forward for more videos

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    This has been a good introduction about Rotor.  Gaurav has explained well about Rotor but at times it's hard to catch up with the language.  I think that's common with all of us from India. Smiley

    Anyways,  I was wondering whether this Rotor is just going to be used for Academia or it's going to be launched commercially.  Also, how different this is from WxWidgets?  Find out more about WxWidgets at

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