Mythreyee Ganapathy - The challenge for Microsoft India: getting good talent

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Length of Video: 4:30

Getting good talent is Microsoft's biggest challenge in India, Mythreyee says. She works in India as part of Microsoft Research University Relations and works to improve Microsoft's relationship with the academic community.





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The Discussion

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    I found a couple of statements pretty interesting.

    1. Getting good talent is hard :
        When she spoke of the IDC hiring 2-3 people out of 75 students, it sounds as if the majority of the students are not good enough. But what wasn't mentioned here was *how* they got those 75 students in the first place.
       The IDC really doesn't have an open policy for hiring freshers. For example, if I wanted to apply there today, I can't. This is because they choose a certain few 'top tier' colleges and go and do recruitment there.

    How they choose these colleges is a big mystery - but one of the parameters used is the presence of alumni in the IDC itself. So what happens is - if a particular college has employees in the IDC, the employees' juniors can be pretty assured of MS making a trip to their college.

    This lead to a pretty interesting situation earlier this year when MS made a recruiting trip to a college *after* several other companies had(including Intel,Novell,etc) already recruited the cream of the students. MS conducted several rounds of interviews and finally wound up hiring something like 1-2 students.

    So when she says that finding good talent is tough, I'd have to disagree. The IDC might find it easier to recruit good talent if they can actually sit down and look at their HR policies instead of blindly assuming that Indian students are not good enough unless they study in one of a few so-called top-tier colleges.

    I find it really interesting that Microsoft finds it acceptable to hire employees that several companies (including Novell) have rejected - but they find the task of looking for students elsewhere unacceptable.
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    [Update : This only applies to newly grads. What she says about the Indian industry itself is very true]

    I also want to address another thing that was said - that Indian students may be influenced by the service-oriented nature of the Indian IT industry.

    Now, it is true that most Indian IT developers have spent most (if not all) their career in the IT services market. But you're not talking about developers with experience here.

    You're talking of students fresh out of colleges - colleges that teach the same compiler theory, the same algorithms, the same data structures as students abroad.

    These students have no idea as to how the Indian IT market works - they are fresh out of college - and have the same mindset as their American counterparts.

    If you want an example that Indian students are good at building products, just look at last year's Imagince Cup when the Indian team won 2nd place. Or just look at the number of young Indians working at Microsoft itself
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    absolutely true I would agree on that.If Microsoft is looking for branded colleges or top tier colleges or what ever they are called  then thats a different story but if they want talent and cream I think they should change there recruitment strategies.

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    Sathyaish Chakravarthy

    Microsoft Hyderabad Needs Only MCAs, BTechs, and BEs

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    Well the discussion is hot and valid.MS may recruit the right person and get it from the right college But what lies ahead is a big mystery...

    Is their a way or management cycle that garnishes the persons into a specific domain/service/Development spheres ... particularly based on the inclination fo the person emplyed..

    In my view I found lots of right people at wrong places and vice versa ..You can't expect a geek or a genious to reply to the emails from business just because by flaw or luck he/she made into a wrong project.

    Skill set definition of the project is often flawed..this I am commenting on my personal experiencenot just in MS but in MNCs ..we recruit based on perceptions in INDIA ..the recruitment management is very raw and full of flaws.

    It has come out of age ..if Indian techies have to survive..most of it depends on the bg techy Companies..

    I can contest the idea that we have good and best brains in TOP SHOT colleges only..when we can MVP in Siliguri and a MS community stars in Coimbatore ..Bg guns like MS needs to realise that the SUN NEVER SETS IN INDIAN TECH WORLD..There is no dearth of passion,people and panaroma in IT if we have proper glasses on.
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    Hi Mythreyee,

       I was searching one point to hold you on.. but I lost before you. Great realistic speech. Finaly good one in India channel.

    I have one suggestion for you, Hope Microsft change their pattern of interv in India. Targetting IIT's for Microsoft is not fair.

    Many of my own freinds who are excellent better than people who got into Microsoft are working in some wrong places.

    And companies like infy, Wipro,TCS etc etc are doing great by helping students to get aleast entry level job with negotiable salary.Actually they are the one who showed that India is great in IT fields, infact excellent.
    These kind of stuff should be provided by Microsoft , so that a guy/girl who has studied in average college but hidden talent can be brought up.
    Hope to hear some more videos with initiatives being taken from u shortly.


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    well microsoft always learns from its mistake and this year just 2 weeks back ms visited anna university and absorbed 7 students
     so there ms has rectified its mistake

    btw why do i feel uncomfortalbe Sad reading these replies,(might be cos i'm also not from the top colleges they r talking about) well theres always opportunity some where or else u could just create one yourself Wink
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    Hi Mythreyee

    I'm not quite sure how much its true when you say its difficult to find "Good People"; its a very subjective term, just b'cos a candidate is NOY VERY technical doesn't mean that they are not good.  If you can't spend some time to groom these candidates, how do you expect them to show their talents.  I have come across lots of RESEACH people who are not technical at all, but they are different.

    I'm here are Redmond (not an MS employee though) and believe me this was my experience when I met people at MS, who are employees:

    Category # 1
    These guys are quite technical but ask them to stand in front of 10 people to demonstrate their work they start sweating just by the very thought of it, where as you talk to them one-o-one in their office, they BOAST about themselves as if the whole world revolves around them and they are THE BEST (what an ego)

    Category # 2
    These people are not very technical, more of Evangelists, but believe me I liked them more as they were very open to expressing their limitations unlike Category#1 people.  Some of them were extremely SMART solution providers

    IMHO, we need people from both category, so MS as company should not only hire technical people, they also need to give opportunity to people of other category/stream, as I believe they are SMART in their own ways, its for us to understand their potential

    No hard-feelings against Category#1 people, its just that we need to break their EGO by making them realize that WORLD does not revolve around them:-)

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