I am having some problems with Virtual IP, SNMP  Requests and ICMP Message.

The situation is this :::
Network configuration is :
Machine is Using VxWorks.
Network Address                    :
Subnet Mask                        :
IRDP                               :  DISABLE
Default Router                     :
Ethernet Configuration:
  Card #4  Interface #0 :  Function :
  Card #5  Interface #0 :  Function :
  VIP Interface #0 :  Function : Management

I am testing for SNMP using a tester (AdventNet).
When I specify the Agents IP as or, I am able to perform the tests.
However, when I specify as the Agents IP
Address, I am unable to perform the tests.
Also, on capturing the network packets(Using
Ethereal), I found that the IP is sending a
ICMP Destination Unreachable (Port Unreachable)

I guess this is enough. However, if any specific
details are needed, I will surely tell. I did not send
the details as very few people are into networking

send reply to me @ mvp_832003@yahoo.co.in