Bert Keely - SmartPhone and Tablet PC together

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    What kind of phone do you have Robert?
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    It's the Audiovox SMT 5600. I love it. I have a photo blog that I do with it here:
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    I'm not sure that most of the functionality mentioned isn't possible now.

    When I walk in range of my Mac, the screen unlocks, I can make calls from my Mac, and I can store images from my Mac onto my phone.  What phone is it? A SE T610, not big and not clever but its got Bluetooth Smiley  Check out Salling Clicker its positioned as a simple Remote Control but it feels like so much more.

    I guess it comes down to the stack, BT on OSX is a thing of pure beauty whilst the Windows Bluetooth stack has been lacking for so long. I haven't checked but here's hoping SP2 has better Bluetooth support.
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    That phones looks similar to the SPV C500

    I've been working on this for it.

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