Bert Keely - SmartPhone and Tablet PC together

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"What about those buttons on the Tablet PC?"

That got Bert Keely to talk about a future input device he helped design that might show up on Tablet PCs. (Bert is one of the visionaries behind the Tablet PC's development).

That led Bert to talk about how the Tablet PC might work with the SmartPhone in the future.



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The Discussion

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    What kind of phone do you have Robert?
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    It's the Audiovox SMT 5600. I love it. I have a photo blog that I do with it here:
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    I'm not sure that most of the functionality mentioned isn't possible now.

    When I walk in range of my Mac, the screen unlocks, I can make calls from my Mac, and I can store images from my Mac onto my phone.  What phone is it? A SE T610, not big and not clever but its got Bluetooth Smiley  Check out Salling Clicker its positioned as a simple Remote Control but it feels like so much more.

    I guess it comes down to the stack, BT on OSX is a thing of pure beauty whilst the Windows Bluetooth stack has been lacking for so long. I haven't checked but here's hoping SP2 has better Bluetooth support.
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    That phones looks similar to the SPV C500

    I've been working on this for it.

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