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    The Channel 9 Team
    Ahh, you should see this article:

    The Tablet PC isn't just for people who need to stand up while they work.
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    So is this software avaiable today?
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    Guys, I am a tablet lover, and once they catch up power-wise with a half-decent laptop, I'm having one.

    However, this was not a great demo for the Tablet - what did it show us that wasn't mouseable just as easily?  Sure it showed off the mapping 'ware, but this is pretty much what we expect from our mobile(cell) phones in Europe, plus more!

    One Note is the killer app for tablet at the moment - perhaps we could do a session showing off One Note and collaborative session sharing whilst sitting in a cafe with a bluetooth headset to audio conf whilst sharing a One Note session?  THAT is killer app stuff Wink
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    Since bert's first intro of the tablet pc (he gave a nice presentation at the launch event) i was addicted to the idea of the tablet pc.
    however what first stopped me from getting one was performance. the first ones coming out with about 800mhz of processor speed.... that didn't cut it for me (even if this was enough for the note taking scenario).
    nowadays... it's the price.
    yea you could get a decent thing with 1,6GH oder 1,8GH but 3.200€ is just too much for a device (refering to m200 by toshiba, here).

    these things have to get a little cheaper. i realize they're not targeted at a mass market as mediacenters are for instance, but 3.200... ...

    i'm sure great demos are coming up!
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    Here are great OneNote demos from Microsoft's website
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    This application looks quite nifty, but it's hardly Tablet PC specific (although it works well on one). He could be using a mouse all the same...

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    yeah - I'm currently using the tc1100 and oneNote is pretty cool, although it takes some time to revert back to notetaking mindeset, since I've been used to blogging and wiki-ing all my content. it would be nice if there were better sharepoint integration, would nicely round-off a imo solid collaborative environment from Redmond. But same question, where can I get that mapping application?
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    dumky wrote:
    This application looks quite nifty, but it's hardly Tablet PC specific (although it works well on one). He could be using a mouse all the same...

    Don't mean to peddle my wares in here but my product "Tablet Enhancements for Outlook" also has a very cool feature that works with MapPoint North America. It integrates MapPoints into your Contacts. Much easier to use with Tablet PC than MapPoint directly.

    Do a Google search for it cause I'll feel like a spammer if I put the URL in the post.
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    Here is a cool use of Tablet PC: (nice drawings!)
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    I'm sure you guys know of this tool, but if not...
    it's a prototyping tool especially designed for use with digital ink. it helps people create interactive prototypes of their websites: placing hyperlinks and defining the general structure of the site is done using the tablet.
    i like this idea very much.. but haven't seen it being used in any projects.
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    Uhhm, probably not the best TabletPC demo I've seen Smiley

    1.) If I were a student and recording my prof during a lecture, I'd be exspelled.

    a) Believe it or not, profs do make jokes about industry partner... oh, and MSFT is a funny target. They wouldn't want this to be held against them by a less-then-bright marketing guy.
    b) They sometimes do use copyrighted matirial for teaching, the way the world is, it's inevitable, shocking isn't it?

    2.) Uhm I doubt any pilot would fly through the north pole ... and then WorldWind ( is way cooler... Hey,if you are lucky you could even see a photo of your son there... Or BillG's home.

    I actually tryed to stream a lecture once for some friends who couldn't attend ... oh, boy, did the prof get mad at me... not too mad not to accept me for my master thesis thought...

    Anyway, the tablet pc already is a good tool for many tasks in a students life. Artificially coming up with new ones only looks a little helpless, at best.

    Cut the advertisment please Wink

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    Maybe a nifty add on would be....

    To keep track of what restuarants offer
    "kids eat free" offers and on what day -

    just to save a buck or two??

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    Tablet PC combined with mapping software?
    It was mapping software running ON a tablet pc, which in reality could have been running on anything.

    Great demo to show the form factor of the tablet pc but come on guys where's the ink? show stuff that makes the tablet pc shine.

    Navigate with guestures, use ink to draw your routes, recognize the address by writting it anywhere on the screen, tell the tablet (via speach recognition) the address where you want to go.

    "Think with ink"
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    I've just recently harnessed the power of the tablet and driving.

    I've tried MapPoint and Streets & Trips but they didn't compare to driving with iGuidance.  With a UI that's usable on a tablet and clear voice directions it's finally turned the tablet into a viable navigation system.

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