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    Such common sense, but you often loose sight of the fact that you should leverage the strengths of everyone instead of focusing on their weaknesses. But, don't forget to strengthen your weaknesses just because someone else is strong in that area.
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    As someone who works for a non-IT company and has somehow managed to keep up with shifting technology, I have found  myself in the interesting position of being able to develop strategtic level applications for my employer yet am outside the IT structure they have in place, so I get to juggle every hat from analysis to help desk.

    Let me say how happy I would be if there was SOMEONE at my company I could ask help from.

    Oh well...

    More videos of Boyd please, hearing him describe his thoughts on well managed development team lets me imagine the world that could be one day.

    Ok, i'm talking dumb I better stop.
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    I don't really see the problem Boyd describes - of people concentrating on other team member's weaknesses. Most of the time I see people are only too willing to acknowlege other peoples strengths, but not in a positive way. Instead they say stuff like "Dave is really good at the database stuff so why doesn't he do it", i.e. they use other peoples strengths in an area as an excuse to not become proficient in that area themselves, to redirect responsibilities to others.

    Boyd must have a really good team if that doesn't happen in his team because I've seen it everywhere I've worked to the extent that the company 'expert' in a given area has resigned because they're fed up with just doing that one particular thing.
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    The pre-emptive strike based on little or no real intelligence gathering is the American, mono-cultural way. So Boyd Multerer has his work cut out for him. He is literally working on world peace!

    For some really strange, bizarre reason not seen on television, I really like music where there is all drumming. The great thing about posting this truth about myself on Channel9 instead of blurting it out during a developer's mono-cultural milestone meeting is that I won't get ostracized indefinitely with overwhelming force for this single comment.

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