Boyd Multerer - What would you show a fellow developer in Xbox Live's source code?

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    I would love to see some source for the game software that Microsoft has pushed out over the years. Flight Sim for example, or Age of empires, or Dungeon Seige. I know that these game houses developed their wares and were bought by microsoft for the most part but I would still like to see the things.

    For my own development I wrote our own display grid that we use all over the place in our development efforts. I wrote it initially so that I could get around some of the limitations inherant in the standard data grid that shipped with the .Net env. (Like getting mouse events on a cell without cumbersome tricks) It has since grown into a small lightening fast, feature rich grid control with all sorts of user options (Programatic and manual) It can easily handle half a million rows and is still responsive when that full. It has taken me over 1 year to write it on and off but I can say its now pretty powerful. I am pretty proud of that baby. Another thing  I wrote is a  thing we call claims explorer. Its used by our clients to display correlated day level detail about claims activity, authorizations for that activity,  and eligibility and capitation (think of capitation as Dues for membership, in the commercial sector that would be your premiums paid every month, in the public health sector thats the kick in that the governing body pays for a member usually also monthly). The tool is pretty powerfull showing all manner of detail graphically. With day level detail is easy to find descrepencies between payments and claims being paid, Authorizations for service and services rendered, or eligibility and services rendered. These things happen more often than anyone cares to admit, and are costing the healthcare system Gobs of money anually. Of course our grid is used in this thing also.

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