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Brad Abrams - What is missing from the CLR?

1 minute, 59 seconds


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We wanted to know what the .NET CLR is missing. So we asked Brad and got interesting answers. He covers both stuff that's coming in Whidbey (the next version of the CLR/Visual Studio) as well as stuff that is even still missing -- get insight into what might be coming down the road.


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  • PLEASE, pretty please...we need transcripts of the videos!  Please, with sugar on top.

  • Yes, I second that! And sorry to The Crew for not giving this feedback earlier!
  • Is there a prohibitive reason for not supporting the C++ "const" modifier applied to methods and parameters?  The topic of how to implement read-only collections came up on your blog a while ago, and I came up on the issue last night when I was redoing some of my collections and the properties that expose them.  Thinking about the best way to implement read-only classes such that the owner can control when they are/are not read-only, I always go back to C++ as my favorite way to do it.  But then, I'm not in tune enough with what goes on under the covers with that to know why it isn't used elsewhere.
  • lennlenn Fo' Shizzle
    JDanielSmith wrote:

    PLEASE, pretty please...we need transcripts of the videos!  Please, with sugar on top.

    Feedback noted.  We will work on this.  I bet there is a way we can do this easily.  I will ask Robert Hess from the DotNet Show who does this on his.  Consider it added to our list.

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