Brad Abrams - What is the future?

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Brad Abrams, program manager on the .NET CLR team, in his final video in his interview series, takes on the question of "what's the future?"

He raises the potential for yet another wave of innovation that'll happen in the industry. Some kid, in his metaphorical garage, will come up with an app that'll turn the industry on its head once again.

What do you think that "next killer app" will be?



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The Discussion

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    Oh man, if I told you now there'd be no surprise. Something to do with p2p and Longhorn, though.  Brad's got that part right.
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    Easy - text comprehension. If only Google or MS could get ahold of a small team of researchers working somewhere in the midwest with over 40 years of combined experience with a prototype launch date aimed for a specific date this summer <cough>

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