Brad Abrams - Why did you want to come to Microsoft?

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    Thanks for the video guys, sounds like a tough procedure to go through.
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    I had a similar interview happen to me when switching jobs recently. I had 3 jobs that I wanted. All of which gave me good enough reason to leave my current position. What was interesting to me was how the interview persuaded my decision. Typically my interviews have been full of the "tell us about yourself" questions mixed in with a few of the "tell us about your most difficult project" types of conversation. This always bored me, and never gave me a good sense of the interviewer. I am the type of person that needs to be in an environment where I am going to learn from others. I can lead. I can even follow. As long as who I am following is smart in my opinion. Well, the decision was easy. I interviewed with a company that I actually felt wasn't going to be a cool place to work and got blown away by the interview. Nearly 3 hours worth of questions (good difficult with no real answer types of questions). Then at the end, when I thought I had failed all of that they asked if I had time to go through the coding interview. I said "absolutely" and jumped right in. The task was easy yet would have certainly shown my weaknesses if I didn't know what I was doing. 60 minutes later they came in and made me "defend" my code. Fortunately for me I did well in both parts of the interview. And as I said before, the decision was easy. I went to work for the place that really challenged me in the interview. This made me realize they were serious about finding good people and serious about their work. I start next Monday and I can't wait. 

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