Brian Goldfarb - How Visual Web Developer Express is tuned for Web development

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    I downloaded it and I must say that it isn't half bad. I work for a web developer company and this beats Frontpage 2003.

    Dreamweaver still is the industry standard though, nothing comes even close.
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    I believe that you'll confond webapplication development whit webpage development Big Smile.

    BTW i think that VisualStudio is not Designer stuff it's develper's Wink. IMHO, designers have to make the layouts of the webpages, leaving the development (aka transforming graphics to Html and code) to developers...

    Dreamweaver... it is still existing??? Big Smile
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    Very nice! I think this is an interesting video and it sure makes me want to go off and do some test driving of that nice free beta version!

    I guess the Express edition is targeted at doing both for the hobbyist or casual developer. Even tho FP and VS are ment for different audiences there is overlap in functionallity which I think FP users really can benefit from.
    Dreamweaver is very much around and it is an application that I hope Microsoft will continue to look at when improving their products. Even tho FP has improved a lot over the years it does run out of steam as the projects get bigger in a way that DW does not. With FP for smaller sites and Visual Studio targeted at developers I think there is lacking something in the product lineup that can compete head to head with Dreamweaver: For large complex sites targeted at professonal designers and that plays nice with other technologies like PHP (slowly coopting the site to use ASP.Net instead =)

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