Burt Parker - When is battery life going to get better on Tablet PCs?

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Today's Tablet PCs get about three hours of battery life. We wondered when, or if, that'll improve. Burt Parker works with OEMs on just this issue and his answers are encouraging.

Do you see a way to improve battery life?



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The Discussion

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    Frankie Fresh
    That's great, but what about regular laptops? Wink
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    Fuel cells are probably the way to go. When in common use they will become cheap to run and environmentally friendly. You may even be able to fill them up with your car or even at home (if they can somehow get them to work with tapwater)
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    Tablet PCs are using the same technology as regular laptops, so they should have the same kinds of improvements. The Tablet PC uses a little bit more power because of the digitizer, though.
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    Some more encouraging news on this front:

    Japanese Joint Venture to Develop Super Capacitors
    By Yoshiko Hara
    EE Times
    April 26, 2004 (7:00 PM EDT)

    TOKYO — Four companies have agreed to form a joint venture company to promote an electric double-layer capacitor system. Also know as super, or ultra, capacitors, the next-generation electric charge capacitor could eventually replace nickel-metal-hydride and lithium-ion batteries in certain areas.

    Remainder: http://eetimes.com/at/hpm/news/showArticle.jhtml?articleId=19201838

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    Lets hope its environmentally friendly as well. I wonder what US companies are doing in terms of new battery technology?

    There should be more things like the Centre for Alternative Technology in the UK. Technology and products based on what nature can provide, without causing pollution. The Eden Project is also interesting (not much to do with batteries in laptops/tablet PC's) but the technology and the site itself is very impressive (built on a disused clay pit that was infertile and flooded frequently). I would recommend anyone who can to go.

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