Chad Royal - What gets into the bug database?

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Bugs, bugs, bugs.

Everyone thinks they know what a bug is. But, a bug isn't just a product defect (you know, those little buggers that get your system to crash).

Here Chad Royal, lead program manager on the developer division at Microsoft, talks about the bug database here at Microsoft and just what a bug is and how it gets handled.



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The Discussion

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    Bugs, more Bugs, Better Bugs, there is always another Bug. Bug badges would be cool, make a community of MSDN BugBusters! 
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    Now what happens if there is a bug in the "bug database" software itself? Or is that too much of a recursive question?
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    Turns out we have a Product Studio datbase for Product Studio itself. 

    So yep... we have a bug database for the bug database, and people all over the company use it Smiley

    Great question!

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