Charlie Owen and John Canning - Media Center exposed, Part I

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Last month at the Consumer Electronics Show Bill Gates showed off the latest Windows Media Center.

But we still had a bunch of questions.

So, we headed over to building 50 to meet with John Canning and Charlie Owen. Sorry about the laugh, but John Canning started giving me a marketing pitch and we had to stop him.

Of course, the real question we wanted to know the answer to is:

"Why do I want a computer in the living room and how do I convince my wife that she wants a computer in the living room?"

We spend an hour, in two parts, talking everything about Media Center and the future of television and computers in the living room.

If you're interested in a demo, most of the demo is in the second video coming up shortly.



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The Discussion

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    Two questions:

    1) When I was looking at the SDK I noticed that the only way to make custom content is via html and activex.  Are there any plans to make .NET the prefered development framework?

    2) Will there be any support to write filters to intercept something like the raw tv signal while it is recording?  That way people could write plugins that can remove commercials in real time while recording.

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    I live in the UK and here we have a national funded broadcaster called the BBC. They have been around for quite a bit of time and have a huge archive of media, recently they [BBC] said they were going to put all of their archive on the internet, via a propriety viewer.

    I would like to know if it would be possible for the BBC to connect into media center with all of their own DRM and streaming style (bittorrent style), would that work with MCE?

    However the BBC archive is only open to UK residents due to its funding status, and so how dependant is MCE on a regional basis i.e. could the BBC lock out those that are not of UK residentcy.

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