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Chris Gray - A super small file server

19 minutes, 52 seconds


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Our new camera guy, Mike Hall, goes and visits Chris Gray, software development engineer with the Windows CE networking team.

Chris has built a small file server with the new Windows CE 5.0. In this 20 minute-long video he shows off the device, and then shows how to build an operating system and network file storage for it. It's about the size of a Coke can.


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  • mikehallmikehall Mike
    go ahead and count the number of lines of code Chris writes in this video...

    - Mike
  • Wayne TaylorRamblingGeek​UK Backup People!
    Cool... Where can I buy one of those small boxes? I have seen mini-atx boards, but this looks cool! I want one, website link?

    Where is the link for the source code for the server discovery link? Which Chris refers to...

    I have worked with XPe and this look's just same and a lot better than previous versions of CE I have used.

    Great video, Channel9 rocks!!!

  • mikehallmikehall Mike

    The reference board is from a company called ICOP, the board is known as the eBOX II - check out the Channel9 link here for more information and contact details at ICOP.

    - Mike

  • Hey, thanks for reminding me to put up the link to the utility.  Please use this at your own risk, we dont support or maintain it in anyway. You can download it off my personal webpage at: http://chrisgray.members.winisp.net/

  • mikehallmikehall Mike
    Here's the full path to the utility - http://chrisgray.members.winisp.net/files/DiscoverApp.zip

    - Mike
  • I want one of those devices SO much. I have so much need but two issues stand in the way, first off I live in the UK and secondly they cost $195~ which I don't have... I just hope they get cheaper in the future and start appearing in real supply channels.
    I would build a little mail server + web-site and stick the box in the corner to collect dust. I can't wait until I am able to do this... Big Smile

    Kick * video, I watched it a couple of times.. I think that you over-complicated the discovery process. I would just look at the upper-most assigned IP by the DHCP Server and then 'guess' the IP of the device. Or if failing that scan the sub-net for it.
  • hehe - yeah I hear ya on the discovery thing -- problem is that we are using the server on our domain where there are like a zillion of people so it was driving me nuts.  at home I do exactally what you suggested Smiley
  • Wayne TaylorRamblingGeek​UK Backup People!

    I'm in the UK too, it seems that http://www.dsl-ltd.co.uk our the uk distubtion.

    They seem to have the same board with a diffient shell.

    I have e-mailed for a price.
  • If you get a reply on that price, can you post it for us?

    chrisgray wrote:
    hehe - yeah I hear ya on the discovery thing -- problem is that we are using the server on our domain where there are like a zillion of people so it was driving me nuts.  at home I do exactally what you suggested Smiley

    Fair point. Couldn't you have set a default IP/SubNet Mask via the registry which is correct on the DHCP server. Trick is get it to assign you that IP then use it as a virtual static IP and it shouldn't time-out because it should be in use now and then. 

  • mikehallmikehall Mike
    you could of course set a fixed IP and that would get around the problem of discovery - I'm running a Microsoft MN-700 Residential Gateway at home which provides a DHCP address to all devices behind the gateway in a 192.168.2.x range - I can get to the RG remote UI to see which device has just been given an address - that would also work.

    Chris was wanting to show more interesting technologies, discovery seemed to be something good and useful to show here...

    If you don't want to get a board but want to try out the steps in the video then you could always download the Windows CE 5.0 Evaluation Kit - you can configure, build, download, and debug a Windows CE operating system image without any additional hardware - go here for more information - http://msdn.microsoft.com/embedded

    - Mike
  • mikehallmikehall Mike
    oh, nearly forgot - if you thing this video was useful or interesting and have any other technologies you want to see from the Windows CE, or Windows XP Embedded team, or more "do this at home" type videos then post your suggestions here or on my blog http://blogs.msdn.com/mikehall

    - Mike
  • hey, I figured its time to startup a little blog -- I put in a little entry about the discovery problem we've had.  Feel free to post comments there if you'd like.  I'd like to hear more about how the community thinks this problem should be solved.


  • Wayne TaylorRamblingGeek​UK Backup People!


    A company in th UK called DSL does a CE kit which features the EPOXII as shown in the video. Which comes complete with CE etc...

    They called me today and it cost's £435+VAT Approx. (sorry, I wrote down the price in work and er...left it there).

    I'll post any more info about this on my blog (www.kryptos.co.uk/blog) if you are intrested.

    F.A.O C9:

    Hey, it would be nice if we could add images here...or did I miss something?



  • msemackmsemack Embedded Systems Guy
    Did you make that ICOP BSP yourself?  Or was that provided to you by ICOP?

    I'd like to see a movie on designing your own BSP.
  • mikehallmikehall Mike
    Chris is using a Windows CE 5.0 BSP for the ICOP eBox II reference board - this was provided by ICOP - the ICOP eBox II BSP is also shipping on the Windows CE 5.0 3rd Party CD (along with a bunch of other goodies) - I will ping Samuel at ICOP to see if they plan to make their BSP downloadable.

    designing your own BSP - that could be a long movie <g> - are you looking for information on building a BSP from the ground up, or aspects of cloning and customizing an existing BSP? Which is what most developers have been doing since Windows CE 2.0, copying the Hitachi D9000, also called the "ODO" (if you are a Star Trek DS9 fan then you will remember that Odo was a shape shifter, the Hitachi D9000 was a hardware shape shifter, you would plug in processor boards to the base platform which would then take on the 'personality' of the processor board).

    - Mike
  • Wayne TaylorRamblingGeek​UK Backup People!


    What are the registry settings, I can't read the entry as I can't see the entire string...



    these just readjust the refresh timings from 30 seconds to 8

    basically the idea is this -- when you supply a password to the ISAPI it needs to restart the webserver,  problem is the client hasnt downloaded all the data yet so restarting will result in broken links.  These settings tell the server to wait 4 seconds to restart and tells the browser to wait for 8 seconds to refresh.

    You might need to adjust the values here for your platform.

  • Question....we are experimenting with the following, think this might be the way to go?

    We would like to have a computer tucked away in a retail environment that would drive 3 monitors (in this instance we'd get 3 of the boxes) that would be running separate PowerPoint slides.  This would be a marketing tool, showing the latest products, prices, etc. while customers are in a waiting room.  Think this would be a viable solution?

  • tfltfl
    Cool video - and neat solution.


    When can I have the really cool configuration tool to configure Windows XP or Server 2003?  It would be utterly neat to get THAT in to the mainstream products!

  • Kybo_RenKybo_Ren The next William Hung
    This is really cool.  I've been wanting to do something similar for a few years.  Maybe it's time I try it out Smiley

    P.S. I'm new here Smiley

  • DSLDSL Embedded Computing Solutions


    For details on the complete CE.NET Development System, please visit http://www.dsl-ltd.co.uk/products/cenetdev.htm.

    We are the UK distributor for ICOP and would be pleased to answer any questions you may have. Please e-mail your questions to us at sales@dsl-ltd.co.uk.


    Steve Rye
    Datasound Laboratories Ltd.

    Tel: +44 (0)1462 675530
    Fax: +44 (0)1462 482461
    Web: http://www.dsl-ltd.co.uk

  • Is the Windows CE Platfrom Builder part of any MSDN subscription?

    I couldn't find it in the MSDN subscription downloads, but then maybe I was looking for the wrong thing.

    Does anyone have any idea where it can be got if it is not part of an MSDN subscription?


  • I dont know if its part of the MSDN or not but you should be able to get a free evaluation kit from http://microsoft.com/embedded 
  • This is the coolest thing I have seen. This is something I will be watching for more info on.
    Keep up the good work. Smiley
  • mikehallmikehall Mike
    Windows CE 5.0 and tools can be downloaded from the following site - http://www.windowsembeddedkit.com - this is a 120 day evaluation edition of Windows CE 5.0, this gives you the ability to configure, build, download, and debug the Windows CE 5.0 operating system. The evaluation kit ships with a Windows CE Emulator, 2.5 Million lines of shared source code, remote debug tools etc...

    - Mike
  • samersamer ...​discovering WinCE...
    Hi guys,
    I've been trying to run WinCE from an ICOP eBoxII using a 40GB notebook harddrive. I've been able to do everything Chris mentions in his video but I can't seem to get the drive to become bootable. Can anybody help?

    - Samer
  • Hi guys,

    Has anybody tried accessing a remote media file shared by a WinCE file server from a WinCE client?
    I have 2 CEPCs setup with Windows CE 5.0, BSP: CEPC x86.

    I have a media file (chicken.wmv) located in a WinCE server
    Media Player pops up the error message:

    Cannot open '\\fileserver\media\chicken.wmv'. (0x8007000e)

    Here are some scenarios that work fine:

    - WinXP client accesses remote media file (chicken.wmv).
    - WinCE client accesses remote documents like Word or PDF files.
    - WinCE client plays the media file (chicken.wmv) stored in local
    directory (\temp).
    - WinCE client accesses the remote media file via HTTP

    The error only happens when I access a media file in a remote
    WinCE file server directory from WinCE client.

    I am aware that Media Player uses DirectShow.
    Could this be a DirectShow issue when it tries to render a remote
    source file?
    Has anyone found a solution or a workaround to this issue?


  • gs_cmansgs_cmans geek

    i tried this on WinCE6 ARM emulator.....it worked cool except that DiscoverApp didnt discover my device though i am able to see the device in Vista>Networks

    was not in mood to probe into the application as that was not my interest

    Never been able to map the network dirve though the CE remote management works good. Keeps asking for password for couple of times and ending as "The parameter is incorrect"

    Debug log reads,
    HTTPD: request to access script source fails,HSE_URL_FLAGS_SCRIPT_SOURCE for this vroot

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