Chris Sells - How do you become an MSDN author?

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Chris Sells, program manager at MSDN and the guy who runs the Longhorn Developer Center on MSDN, talks about how you too can write for MSDN.





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    Jeremy W
    Yeah, my experiences with the MSDN guys have been nothing but positive. No ideas if my articles / walkthroughs are still there, but back in the day I really enjoyed writing for the MSDN and MSDNAA.
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    The Channel 9 Team
    By the way, Chris Sells' email address is:
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    csells sea shells by the sea shore. Just as hard to type as to say.
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    Loadsgood wrote:

    csells sea shells by the sea shore. Just as hard to type as to say.

    Don't you mean..

    csells sells sea shells by the sea shore

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    Martin Kulov
    Can you provide link to download the video please?
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    I'm sorry, we don't have the digital file for this video.
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    I guess one can capture most anything using Camtasia or one of the handful of stream ripping sharewares.

    On related topic, how are the videos "put up"?  I mean how does it work - file types, control, etc.  Is it just a link to an AVI or is a stream server involved?  I am gray in this area.  I would also like to see Code demos or App demos done using Camtasia at 800x600 (e.g. MSDN TV) and allow ability to resize the video borders.  That way we can really see what is happening on the screen and read it in good quality.  Y'all have a corporate license or something?  Not sure if file size would be same of not.  I would think as just an avi it would not be much different and may be smaller if you believe their doco.  Cheers!

    William Stacey, MVP

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