Dan Appleman - What are some security tips?

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This is a different kind of interview for us. Dan Appleman doesn't work at Microsoft -- he's the cofounder of the Apress book publishing company.

So, why is he here?

Well, he's on a crusade to make the geek world more secure. He wrote a book to help teenagers protect their systems titled: Always Use Protection: A Teen's Guide to Safe Computing.

So, we asked him to give us some security tips.

Hint: he hates tips.

Over the next week you'll see more from Dan. It's all part of our push to get people to spend a few minutes making their machines more secure. Another way? Get the just-released Windows XP Service Pack 2.

What's the official way to get that? Visit microsoft.com/protect and turn on automatic updating.

"Get rid of crimes of opportunity," Dan pleads. In this video he tells you a bit about how to get good enough security.





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