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David Ornstein is the developer who wrote the Wiki technology we use here on Channel 9 (it's called FlexWiki and is an shared source initiative so you can add your own features to the project). Here we talk with him more about Wikis and learn more about David.



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The Discussion

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    Spot the tab in IE Wink

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    Those come with the new MSN Search Toolbar Suite.

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    Orbit86 wrote:
    he Didn't mention wikipedia.org....

    It was mentioned in the video.
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    BTW: I cannot work without the MSN Search Toolbar now. The speed is fantastic, and I no longer care too much about where I store stuff. I just store it somewhere and rely on smart search tools to get me to it in a hurry. It's indispenable.

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    FlexWiki is a very interesting wiki system. I was wondering: is there only people from Microsoft working on it or also people outside of the company?

    I find also the idea of the beamer quite nice. But is Dashboard in Tiger not also based on the same idea?
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    Hey I was trying out the FlexWiki site. Sorry but I managed to break it by hitting Go on the Search page with no text entered... I was curious to see whether it would retrieve the contents of the entire site. Which brings me to my question about Wiki's, is there a way to generate a printed documentation of the entire site's content?
    We are considering using it for our internal Technical Specifications and would require this functionality at times.
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    Flatliner - it depends on the particular wiki implementation. With FlexWiki it should be pretty easy to build that functionality using its WikiTalk scripting language.

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