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Hmm, we found more video from Don Box's tour of the Indigo team. Here you will meet lots more people like security guru Chris Kaler. Just a fun way to start the long weekend.

The first part of the tour is here.

The Channel 9 video team will be taking a few days off. See you next Wednesday!





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The Discussion

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    Maybe if you guys adopted some kind of poster campaign you wouldn't have to tell everyone what C9 is. Smiley
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    I love Don being so diplomatic, Get stuff Don !!!
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    thx for the end of the video!
    I've a little question off topic, but it doesn't matter.
    Is there any open space in MS?
    in lots of companies developpers works in open spaces and we are not lucky enough to be alone in a small office...

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    Only one girl on the team!?! Hurray for quota systems ...
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    Is that it? Such a big team shipping only 'a couple of dll's'?
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    Tom Servo
    And when?

    I could swear that Indigo was supposed to be shipped way in advance of the rest.
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    Is that it? Such a big team shipping only 'a couple of dll's

    Now I know why they introduced partial class support in Whidbey.
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    I could be wrong, but we get to meet all these PM's, and see there offices, can we see the developers and the type of environments they work in - I can't believe all developers have offices

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    JonasE wrote:
    Only one girl on the team!?! Hurray for quota systems ...

    I'm not supposed to notice comments like this one because it does not "directly" affect me---and it is this sort of non-creative, linear thinking that permeates mediocrity and industrial thought. What Jonas needs to do is to locate Microsoft's "quota" policy and then we can talk about this matter like technical people. The rest is the wack "poetry" of Jonas. Jonas needs to direct AVP2 so he can rewrite more sci-fi history in another wack work of fiction that will make him a wealthy guy that we can all be jealous of...

    Anyway: Don Box! Even Don Box seemed winded in this Channel9 post. This is like that VH1 Behind the Music part of the documentary where there's "trouble in the band." I remember when Don Box performed to packed houses in his days of touring with COM. I remember his hit single, XPathNavigator, really rocked.

    I eagerly await his comeback album in his black leather bell-bottom suit.

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