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We heard Eric Lippert was talking with a bunch of customers over in building 20 (that's where a lot of teams meet with groups of customers to show them new technologies).

So, we headed over there to meet with Eric, a software design engineer, to talk about developing applications for Microsoft Office.



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The Discussion

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    Alex Kazovic
    One thing that does concern me is that Microsoft seems to be moving more and more to focus on enterprise development.
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    Alex Kazovic wrote:
    One thing that does concern me is that Microsoft seems to be moving more and more to focus on enterprise development.

    But when do we get Office 4Xbox?

    Seriously, this leaves room for ISVs to be innovative on this front, especially now that it starts being more feasible to make apps that consumers like easily (WinFX), that is good looking and great media integration.

    BTW. Very interesting video! Though I am not sure if the Discussing VSTO was a good topic as its not that catchy and 95% of the video talked about security and policies and 'reveals' that MS has learned a lesson.
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    Alex Kazovic

    But that would mean the small business/hobbyist/consumer paying for Office then additionally the ISV application. THere is already pressure for the cost of these applivations to come down not go up.

    My general point was that Microsoft made/makes most of its money from 2 areas: Windows operating systems and Office. These were products that were originally avoided by the enteprise IT teams. Instead, they were used by consumers/hobbyists/small IT teams and then they perculated up through enterprises.

    This move to focus on enterprise development is moving away from its core user base.

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    Great discussion.  One question being debated at

    What Are the project settings "Trust Assemblies Location" and "Policy File", and are they used for both development and a deployed VSTO app?

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    Eric, (If you are still there - Or someone else who might know)

    I guess my question is, (Please pardon me if this seems stupid as I come from developing all applications in VBA where they would just need to set Macro security to Low) if I develop an Application using VSTO and then want to give it to a few people (Not at some large enterprise but some utility that say tracks your expenses in Excel, provides a simple UI, etc.), what will they need to do in order to be able to run it or can they run it at all?



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