Erik von Fuchs - Tour of Hardware Lab, Clip Four

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    Short video. I was expecting the workshop to be a lot bigger, but then since that workshop just services the Hardware Lab I guess its understandable.
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    I wanna' see the hidden part of the lab!!! Come on Mr.Scoble!!! Put on some spy clothes, a pair of night vision glasses and break into that place!!
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    So you DO use 3d printers Smiley

    Thats so cool. I dont know what I would use it for, but I want one. Smiley

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    Oh man, would I just love to own a plain "epoxy based resin" (is that what he said?) model of a Halo character... *drools*

    Well at least you didn't edit out the silver mouse we saw that he put away Smiley Too bad there was no one doing anything in the "secret room".

    Oh, and thanks a friggen lot for making me think that software sucks so much compared to hardware @ Microsoft Wink How cool do you want hardware creating to be? Specifically the design creation with the 3d printers and the resin thingys and the lasers *floods house with siliva from drooling*...

    Oh my, Channel9 is the 1337est Smiley
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    Another Martin
    Okay, good stuff, I'm a big fan, there's just one thing about the videos I want to complain about. At the end of each there's always someone farting (no not really, the video comes to a crude end and then the player makes a rattling noise). Could you do some sort of fade out to prevent this? I don't want to be left with the idea that all Microsoft staff have bad manners.

    And another small thing, please try to make a sport of NOT starting the conversation with "so" (now how hard could that be <grin> ). If it isn't any of you 9-guys but your target, just stop and say "I'm sorry, we have to start over, you started with the little S-word that we try to avoid." You only want to use that word when it leads to a logical result of something that was said earlier. It occured to me that "so" in the videos typically means "Hey, listen up!" Is it a Seattle thing? Or just Microsoft? (there may be a patent in it)
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    Another: I'll try to edit those things out at the end. Sorry about that. I'm just a lazy editor.
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    Orbit86 wrote:
    heyy scobleizer, when can we see Longhorn? show us the bigggg cpu farm that Compiles windows....

    Or interviews with Tjeerd Hoek, Hillel Cooperman, Kam VedBrat, etc. Please! Sad
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    Also, what is with the recent slow-down of videos?  Is it because of summer months when it's harder to find people? 

    Definitely waiting to heard when you get Bill G on C9.  I'd like to hear the groveling of the interviewer on that one. Wink
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    Hi , This is interesting. I did that a couple of years ago something like this. Something different from coding finlly. Secrets of lab not shown ! Hope its show in near future. Thanks, Arun

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