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    Help! I'm getting an error message: "Windows Media Player can't find the file" or something like that (in German). Is my browser broken or is the site?
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    Ok, I give up trying to decide for myself ... is that Homer Simpson's belly on the wall?
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    It is indeed, nice pickup.

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    "rewrote SQL Server's management tools in .NET"

    What about MMC?
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    We chose not to use MMC for the majority of the management UI in SQL Server 2005. We use our own SQL Shell called SQL Server Management Studio, that leverages some technologies from VS like dynamic help.

    About 90% of the UI for this tool is written in C#, our object model (SMO) is all written in C# and we have extended Profiler in some places using Managed C++ and others using C#.

    SQL Agent also uses managed code in some places and Database Tuning Advisor is all written in C#.

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    I manage over 50 sql servers running SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition.

    we've installed a sql server 2005 edition at the office for testing.
    I installed the managment tools on my machine.

    sql server 2000 tools vanished...

    I found out that i can't manage sql server 2000 instances' log shipping from sql server management studio.
    i can't even view it's status.

    is there a way to accomplish that?

    if not,
    i can write tsql code to check log shipping status myself but i'd like to integrate that into the ssms ide.
    i know it's doable, cause there are other applications that have doen that, but i can't find any code samples anywhere.
    (an application that integrates with ssms can be found here:

    is that doable?

    any help will be much appreciated

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