Euan Garden - Tour of SQL Server Team (Part III)

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Huh? What happened to Part II?

It's coming Monday, had some technical problems that we needed to fix first.

But this one is fun. You get to meet more of the team that makes SQL Server (notably Soner Terek, development manager, and Edmund vonAllmen, test manager -- on Tuesday they'll take you to see the HP SuperDome, which we have a picture of here -- 2500 hard drives and a terabyte of RAM, whew!). And you get inside another of SQL Server's labs.

Yvonne MacKay leads off this segment, though, with a look inside another one of SQL Server's labs.

Hope you have a great weekend.


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The Discussion

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    Just how many Scots are there on the SQL Server team?
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    Not enough!

    Actually Yvonne and I worked together in Scotland before coming to work for SQL Server, as did Donald Farmer the GPM for SQL Server Integration Services (DTS). We all worked at a startup in Aberdeen and all came over at different times.
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    So, is it required of all Microsoft employees to begin each sentence with the word 'so'?
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    I'd never noticed it until people on these forums started pointing it out Smiley
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    It's a great testiment to SQL Server design that they where able to integrate CLR hosting so quickly.  This is going to be really great feature.  Could we see some more info on hosting code within SQL 2005 from simple fuctions to complete servers?

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    There is nothing more coming in this round of channel9 but I'll see what I can set up
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    Two questions!

    It was interesting that the on a redevelopment wish list basis the Engine might see more pipe lining. Was this a reaction or anticipation to the fact that multi-processer machines are the way forward?

    The other comment about interfacing to the CLR. Are we likely to see the Engine written entirely in managed code at some point? It seems to be the sensible thing to do.

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    I love these 'talking heads' sessions, but could you split them up into several smaller vids as opposed to 25' vids?  Many of us have to squeeze them into and around work, which is easier if they're more bitesize - say a max of 10 mins at a time?  Even if it means releasing 2 or more vids on one day, would mean I could say '10 mins before this next conf call, I'll learn something' Wink


    BTW, this SQL series is fascinating Smiley
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    >So, is it required of all Microsoft employees to begin each sentence with the word 'so'?

    So, what's wrong with that? <grin/>
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    In terms of architecture I think it is just a reflection of where we are seeing the workloads that we support heading that Soner wants to go in this direction. Remember we had no idea about adding XML, Service Broker or SQLCLR to the egnine when it was being re-designed for SQL7 back in the 96/97 timeframe and we have been able ot add all of those in this release. I think it has evolved very effectively.

    In terms of a managed database its a great question, not in the near term but maybe longer term, yes. One of the most important assets in the database is memory and its management, one of the reasons we need the Whidbey version of the CLR for hosting is that we get more control of memory allocation and garbage collection than we do with VS2002/3, we need that in the database to make sure we get the right performance characteristics. SQL Server has its own memory, thread and disk management, we need to be able to have that level of control to be able to truly perform.

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