Euan Garden - What hardware do you use?

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Euan and his team are building the next version of SQL Server. So we wondered "what kind of equipment is under his desk?"


SQL Server



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The Discussion

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    He's using a dual CPU... white computer? He didn't really answer the question.

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    Some of it got cut off I think. In my office I have 2x Machines, each with Dual CPU, one has 1GHz Processors and 1GB of RAM, the other has 2.2GHz processors and 1.5 GB of RAM. Both have SCSI drives with about 60GB of RAID 0 storage.
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    I think the subject line should reflect what the dude actually says rather than the original question.  The last two guys said some interesting stuff, but they both had little to say about the question.
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    I'm sorry about that. I wrote some lame headlines today. Will do better tomorrow!

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