Gordon Bell - Founder of Silicon Valley's Computer History Museum (Part II of Bay Area Research Cent

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    I'm going to have to try and find a way to eventually get over to this museum!

    *rubs hands together*

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    It really is a fantastic museum. 120,000 square feet of old computer stuff. We should have a geek lunch at the Togos across the street one Saturday.
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    Now, if I can just get across the country.  I have tried to get my wife to move over to California, to no avail.  (She's stuck on Florida)

    Thankfully we have the Internet and folks willing to share their time and effort for low-cost or no-cost.

    There is a user in another forum I partake in (Indigorose Corp.'s forum), he has a lot of historical information, hardware that he was speaking of the other day.

    All very interesting.  Not only the technology but more interesting to me is the mindset and the personalities of this significant, historical recollection of the computing market segment.

    Another good video!
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    Another interesting video - and in its opening minutes, Gordon casually mentions that Tony Hoare is coming to visit him...

    Ohmigod - this is Sir Charles Antony Richard Hoare - another of computing's gods...
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    The Channel 9 Team wrote:
    one of his most remarkable achievements, in our opinion, is the Comuter History Museum

    Busses, trains, cars - the whole Commuter gamut! Smiley
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    I'll visit "The Computer History Museum" definitely this time!
    I wish I could visit with C9 guy...
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    GeoffC wrote:
    Ohmigod - this is Sir Charles Antony Richard Hoare - another of computing's gods...

    I was surprised Scoble or Charles didn't pick up on it. If someone invited me to tour a computer museum with C.A.R and Gordon Bell, wild horses couldn't drag me away.

    The chance to talk to CAR about CSP and hear whether he has an opinion on CCS would be fantastic.
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    It seems so premature to create a musem of the computers history, but I guess with laws like those of Mr. Moore's, technology is an exception, a bit like the generations of bacterium that so quickly evolve.

    Still this is the digital decade and much more is to be done, the plumbing if you like for the 2010's.

    All I can say is keep an open mind and keep up the great work!

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    Michael Lehman
    Having been around quite a long time (35 years) and having used Gordon's creations in my youth, I've also been to the museum and saw so many things I have used along the way it was an absolute time machine!  I especially liked the IBM 1401 that's being restored and the drum memories. . .

    Anyone who hasn't been should absolutely go!

    Now, about that geek lunch...let's do it!
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    I'll ask Tony and let you know. Smiley

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