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Gordon Bell has been a leading technologist for so long that we wondered "what did he miss?" If you don't know who Gordon is, he spent 23 years (1960-1983) at Digital Equipment Corporation as Vice President of Research and Development.

We all know the stories of people missing important technologies.

Anyway, that leads into an interesting discussion with Gordon about the early days of the Internet.



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The Discussion

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    Talking of Crays at the end there, it saddens me that none of those old machines will ever run again. I read that the ones that weren't reclaimed by the company and broken up for scrap had to be disabled in some way incase they were exported. The old computer export controls seem laughable now with what you can do with arrays of ordinary PCs, but I guess it seemed important at the time.
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    rhm: yeah, I wouldn't mind seeing one of those run again. But, they are quite expensive to run, even if they did work. I didn't know that they were disabled, though.

    By the way, my cell phone has more RAM than the Cray has. Amazing, huh?
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    Gotta love this:

    The top of the line C90 boasted a whopping 1 gig of ram. I have double that in each of my dual proc Xeon boxes and they live under my desk. C
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    I bet the Cray has a much lower memory latency (in relation to clock speed) than the Xeon.
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    This post rocks, It was really intresting! I would love to got a hold of MyLife Software and have a play around and the camera too! Signed me up for the Beta!

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