Ian Huff - Using VSTS Performance Tools to Speed Up Your App (Part 1)

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I found Ian, a Developer on our Performance tools, because of his blog. He has been writing a great series of posts that preview the Performance Profiling tools you'll find in Beta 2 of VSTS.  Pictures are great, but I asked him if he'd also like to do a demo. 

Part 1 comes in at about 13 minutes contains a demo using the performance tools on sample code he downloaded that day from Gotdotnet.  You'll find that it was easy for him to discover an existing performance bug in the code using our tools! 




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The Discussion

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    I want Whidbey BETA 2! Really cool video.
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    Awesome demo. Very well executed and explained. Looking forward to this feature.
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    Does it work on managed and unmanaged languages?
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    Hey ZippyV,

       All of the features shown in the demo work on both unmanaged and managed, with one exception. That exception is the object allocation and lifetime views, those are for managed code only.

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    Yes, it does. Native, managed, mixed - it is all covered.
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    I'd say this is just about essential for all of us who often take no heed to the large amount of objects we create (often needlessly) and save a lot of memory and CPU cycles in the long run. 

    This tool, with a few other minor tweaks, could really bring .NET apps at or above the level of unmanaged apps with relative ease.  I'm glad you included the Gen0,1,2 profiling as well.

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    Sweet, thanks guys.
    Next time, can you use my code as a bad example (seriously) ? You can find it here on Channel 9.
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    Is there a good way we can profile a library while running unit tests against it with Unit Test Framework with the UI test runner?

    I got the following to work with the command line test runner, but I am not sure if there is a better way:

    - Add the specific dll you want to instrument from the UnitTestProjectFolder/bin/Debug
    - Add the MSTest.exe path in the 'Executable to launch:' setting.
    - Add the parameters to run the tests in your assembly via MSTest


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    A performance increase of 25% on some random program you grabbed. Cool! I can't wait to use this, I'll have to install the beta.
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    Reid - Thanks for the feedback and verifying that it works.  I'm not aware of a better way at this point. You're not alone in this though.  I just fielded a question on the forums asking the same thing.  I'm working on trying to clean this experience up before ship, because it does seem like one of the most common scenarios and something you would want to do all in one shot completely from the IDE.
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    Hello Everybody
    I can't find the performance tool in the tools menu. I have VS 2005 Professional Edition.
    Anyone knows whats wrong with it?
    I even went to start->programs to look for it under microsoft VS 2005. But still cannot find it.

    Thx for any suggestion

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    Thats because you need to install Visual Studio Team Edition installed for usinf the Profiler. Select the full version at the time of installation.  You'll find a Visual Studio 8.0 folder in Progam files when your done.In that go to Team Tools folder where you'll see the PerformanceTools folder.

    One you have done the installation you'll find Performace Tools option in Tools menu in the IDE Smiley

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