Jason Anderson - Late night with the Burton team, Part III

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What happens when a passionate program manager, Jason Anderson, kidnaps a handful of customers and a Channel 9 camera guy? An interesting discussion about test driven development. In this segment Jason shows how to add a new test in the next version of Visual Studio.

For those who missed the first two parts:
Part I
Part II

The final part will be here tomorrow.



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The Discussion

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    thnaks a lot for these videos, because for people who didn't have the opportunity to try VS.NET 2005 beta some functions were quite abstract.
    I think lots of developer should thank MS to really listen to their requests because now we can have a real advantage when using MS softwares.
    The code will be more secure (event if it's up to the developer)  and for important projects tests would not be that complicated to implement...
    For those who have problems understanding the prog manager, listen to rap music and it will become an habit! lol

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