Jason Sutherland - What does a Windows build manager do?

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We sat down with one of the guys who runs the Longhorn build process, Jason Sutherland. He, and his team, has one of the more important jobs at Microsoft: making sure the next version of Windows gets built properly and on time.

Anyone who can handle the pressure of that job is someone worth getting to know. Over the next week you'll get to know him a bit better and hopefully get a look into how Longhorn is built. Over the next few years we'll check in with Jason, and the build team, occassionally to see how things are going.

Here Jason introduces himself. What do you think a build manager does?



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The Discussion

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    The build process is very fascinating… I’m excited to see the upcoming content concerning how the product is built…

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    Do you use a cluster for builds from a large code base? If so, how many nodes? What sort of time frame are we talking about for a typical build of Longhorn?

    I was just talking about the speed of the c# compiler. Its a thing of wonder..

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