Jean Paoli - Co-creator of XML, part II

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The Discussion

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    Oh. I love these interviews. I WANT MORE !!!!


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    I agree with you, hbach. Jean talks with an amazing enthusiasm about XML. He even convinced me of XML. Wink
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    Thank you very much for the discussion it was very interesting specially when you were talking about data structure and the need to specify how data should be structure, and for sure this is important to understate the data and how to deal with it. This is what I call it metadataJ, but you said that you don’t believe in data and metadata, from what perspective are you saying that??   

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    So: CDF eclipsed/influenced RSS. The MS promise may be that XAML will render XHTML applications useless---not just on the Windows platform---but XAML-related technology will be a cross-platform experience and will overshadow SMIL, XHTML, Flex and anything else that Miguel de Icaza won't bother to port to Linux.

    It may be that Mr. Paoli is in the right company at the right time---and this time XAML will not end up like CDF.
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    Its great hearing Jean talking about Xml in Government, we could really do with his help over here in the UK.  The efforts in providing standardised schema is a prime example of an XML project gone wrong.  Three years on we are currently at the stage where nearly everything is still DRAFT and some with clear errors - this has lead to different projects working with modified schema and defeats the object of using XML if everyone has a different format.   I guess the moral of the story is that XML is great but you can always count on human beings to screw it up Smiley

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    Great speaker...I must say I'd be happy to hear a 5-part series from him...

    Amazing visionary with some great ideas that are simple to comprehend.
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    Come on you understand the British government as well as I do, and that's why they have not yet caught on. Regarding the comment that Mr. Paoli does not believe in metadata made me think, well, that's fine for documents/files made with XML but what about pictures and music.

    I don't know much about XML but form this interview I gather that it is a sort of universal info type, that can be used and manipulated in many ways on anything - from a dishwasher display to a stock exchange large display.

    Pictures might not be made form XML or XAML but what about similar files, don't you use another type of program to tell weather somethig in the picture is a tree or a person.

    Am I right in thinking that XML does not apply to rich media file types?

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