Jeremy Collins and Scott Napolitan - Tour of Enterprise Engineering Center

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The Enterprise Engineering Center works with big companies. Emphasis on big. You know, banks, oil companies, and other companies with huge data centers.

What do they do? They help big companies test out new enterprise products. For instance, say a large company with hundreds of thousands of employees wants to move its Exchange system up to the latest version. Well, they can come into the Enterprise Engineering Center and test the systems out using their own data.

The center is stocked with the latest hardware and has the ability to build a replication of almost any data center.

Oh, there's one of those HP Superdomes again.

Normal people can't get access to these labs, but here Jeremy and Scott and take you on a tour of the millions of dollars of equipment in the center.



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The Discussion

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    Cool toys - do they make use of virtual servers to emulate a customer environment or replicate it on real kit 1 box per customer box, I wonder?  What would be the strengths and weaknesses of doing it that way?
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    We sometimes use virtual servers, but most of the time we build our customer environment on the metal.  It's a test environment, so we like for it to be a close to their production environment as possible.  Much of our customer testing is heavily performance based as well.  If, however, we are running short on equipment we will occasionally go virtual server route.  The other time we use virtual servers is when we want to save the environment so that it can be quickly reproduced.

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