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Joe Morris, lead program manager, on Windows XP Embedded has a chat with Mike Hall about Windows embedded about what's involved in developing for XP embedded. If you're interested, take a listen, or head over to the MSDN Embedded Developer Center.



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The Discussion

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    Joe Morris, i can not understand what you talking about,are you speaking in English?
    can you write it down?
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    I think it's Joe's accent, I can follow him just fine - but this does raise a serious point - how about providing transcripts/closed captions for these vids?  We've got a global audience, so it may help?
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    I can understand Joe fine as well, but then English is my first language, it might not be as easy for someone who only speaks English as a second language ( as shown by my wife who can't tell American from Australian most of the time).

    XP embedded sounds interesting, it'd be cool to hear about more success stories on XPE.
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    I believe the VideoTranscripts Wiki is meant for. So for interesting vids, we can create a Wiki page & divi up the vid?
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    Paste the transcript ... much better Tongue Out

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