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Joe Stegman - Developing rich user interfaces with Windows Forms

13 minutes, 13 seconds


Right click “Save as…”

Connected applications. Rich clients. Smart Clients. Windows applications. Great looking applications. Higher productivity applications.

Whatever you call them, there is a whole world of application development beyond what you can do with HTML and the browser.

Joe Stegman, lead program manager on the Windows Forms team takes you through a bunch of demo applications that were built with Visual Studio 2005 and the next Windows Forms technology.

One of the applications he demos here is a clone of MSN Messenger. Another is a really cool looking RSS News Aggregator.

Make sure you don't miss the second part of this demo where Joe shows off how you can build an app that looks suspiciously like Microsoft Outlook 2003.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to building applications like these?


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  • Jonathan MerriweatherCyonix Me
    The end of this video is the same as the previous post: Building Outlook UI in 100 lines of code with Winforms....
  • scobleizerscobleizer I'm the video guy
    I just watched them again, it's part one and part two. Sorry for splitting them up somewhat awkwardly.
  • Chris PietschmannCRPietschma​nn Chris Pietschmann
    Where can we download these sample apps?
  • scobleizerscobleizer I'm the video guy
    I have an email into Joe. I believe he was planning on posting them to www.windowsforms.net. It might take a while to get the Outlook one posted because it relies on Whidbey stuff that the public might not have yet. I'll get him to come up here and give the details, though.
  • The video quality of the screen recording has improved a lot. Good work!

  • rasxrasx Emperor of String.Empty
    Windows Forms 1.x is an old black and white movie; Windows Forms 2 is in full color with computer-generated special effects!

    It makes perfect sense to build a toolbar like we configure toolbars in Office. It makes perfect sense to make apps look like just another Office app.
  • Wayne TaylorRamblingGeek​UK Backup People!

    I read on someone's blog the other day that around 50%+ developers are using .NET.

    I belive those who haven't move over yet will find it really hard to resist to VS2005.

    I was thinking while watching why would I want to build an outlook clone..... then Joe answered that question. Which really does make sense!

    Good Work!

    It's still a little hard to hear the interviewer....great video other wise.
  • Very great idea. I've been hoping for something as close as this to get released for some time.

    Why doesn't Microsoft just take the initiative, and make deals with television station providers/broadcasting companies and have them work out ways to get their content DIRECTLY onto Windows Media Center?

    If users could have the ability to pick and select the TV shows and channels that ONLY they WANT to keep, this would have a big impact on the way we watch TV. No more having to depend on cable/satellite companies to offer good content at a good price. Like most people, we want choices, but bundling a lot of TV programs in several packages, with you having to pay more and more for stuff you might never want just to reach the channel you do want, is ridiculous. Going 'a la carte' is becoming much more popular. Unfortunately, if cable/satellite companies offered this mode of TV viewing, they would make less money off of us.

    Anyways, MiraWorldTV is a start. Maybe someday, we can actually see real support for letting you have options in a good way.

  • Sk4rlathSk4rlath The lesser of two Sampys (in age only).
    Totally sweet - Whidbey WinForms are lightyears ahead of everything else.


    Can you guys make me a ControlList or something?  I find myself wanting to make a 'list of controls', sort of like a custom-drawn listbox, but instead of having to write all that paint logic I can just point the list at a control type (or fill the list with controls). That way I could have a button list, etc.

    You do make great strides in this direction though.  I'm currently abusing the FlowLayoutPanel to do just what I've described. But having to wire up event handlers for resizing can get to be a pain (god forbid I, a developer, actually write any code! <g>).
  • 2005 looks like it is going to be a good year Smiley

    Is all this Whitby functionality going to be available in the Express versions?
  • I think us channel9 boyz should all get access to the vs2005 betaplace Smiley

  • fdezjosefdezjose Hello from Madrid...
    ChrisChance wrote:

    I think us channel9 boyz should all get access to the vs2005 betaplace Smiley

    Yeah, we should.
  • fabulousfabulous .NET Developer, unofficial Evangelist, geek
    ChrisChance wrote:

    I think us channel9 boyz should all get access to the vs2005 betaplace Smiley

  • Tom ServoTom Servo W-hat?
    ...and the WinFX betas when they start.
  • eggboxeggbox Keep it real

    Very cool, now we can all produce professional looking user interfaces and spend the rest of the time writing the business logic, well done and thank you.


  • Very nice.  I for one have a hard time creating appealing GUIs, so I am loving this. 
  • Oh!good idea.
  • ebdrupebdrup Ebdrup
    Waht about the drag and drop? MS really needs do do some work on making drag&drop easwy to implement in WinForms applications, is anyone looking at this for Widbey?
  • BimJeamBimJeam Mmmm
    CRPietschmann wrote:
    Where can we download these sample apps?

    See 2003 PDC Sessions @ http://msdn.microsoft.com/events/pdc/agendaandsessions/sessions/default.aspx

    Session "Client CLI210" - Source Code
  • BimJeamBimJeam Mmmm
    The OfficeLookAndFeel project I looked at doesn't compile properly (in VS 2005 BETA 1 or C# Express), but at least you can see how some of the UI elements are constructed. I haven't tried to build any other samples yet.
  • With a little work I was able to get it to compile with VS2005 beta 1, great stuff....
  • Anyone been able to get this working witht he RTM version yet?
  • I love the interface of the new Microsoft Small Business Accounting 2006... any chance a duplicate of those forms can be posted, specially on for us with C#? I liketat GUI more than many of the ones I have seen.
  • AbrahamAbram Abram
    I wanna know the type of object wich used to group mails in outlook inbox.
    Is it datagrid, listview,.....?
  • maymay

    where can I find this source code sample on:

    http://www.windowsforms.net/" target="_blank">http://www.windowsforms.net ? Do you have an URL?
    Do you have a similar sample for VS2008?

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