Joe Stegman - What are some tips for using Windows Forms in .NET?

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Joe Stegman, lead program manager on the Windows Forms team, talks about some of the mistakes that developers make and gives us some tips for building great UIs for .NET.

He also talks about how to give good feedback to the Windows Forms team.



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The Discussion

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    Hah , awesome interview.
    I'm really loving the whidbey express beta.
    I was going to try to submit something to the express contest , but it's ending soon and just now I had enough time to work with it.

    Notice joe's face when this is said "So you just announced there will be a next version after whidbey".
    That was just a cool moment .
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    Nice interview...however, it was sorta known that Orcas would be following Whidbey Wink

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    Was a funny moment anyway Wink

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