Joe Stegman - What happens to Windows Forms on Longhorn?

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We've heard lots of rumors about Windows Forms and what'll happen to that technology on the next version of Windows, code-named Longhorn.

Will WinForms still work?
Will they still be useful?
Is it worth it to develop with WinForms today? Won't Avalon do away with WinForms?
Can WinForms UIs be used with Avalon, or vice versa?

Joe, lead program manager on the WinForms team, takes on all these questions and more.



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The Discussion

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    Dear Microsoft,

    Love you and all but why isn't this in Vista? Seriously. I used to be a Linux geek and KDE's tabbed browsing for files is brilliantly simple, as are favorite folders (like Windows' Filebox Extender)... and this still isn't in MS's latest operating systems. Granted it's nice that IE7 and Explorer are two separate entities now in behavior and appearance but some ideas need to gel the system together.

    Hope the Yahoo thing goes well,


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    When can we see some of these demos?

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    When I build the Whidbey Beta 2 Outlook 2003 Clone sample, referenced at
    I get 11 errors and 213 warnings. The warnings are mostly about obselete properties. The errors are mostly "System.Windows.Forms.DataGridView" does not contain a definition for...
    Is there an updaate available for this sample that builds with the April Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2?
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    How will the older (.NET WinForms) components be rendered?  Will they use the GPU to do the graphics if they are hosted inside of an Avalon application?  Also, if you host Avalon controls inside of a WinForm, are the Avalon controls rendered using the GPU?  Am just wondering how mixing the 2 models (GDI and DirectX) will work when rendering components.

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