Josh Ledgard - Tour of Visual Studio core team (Part I)

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Meet members of the Visual Studio Core team who work on the Help System, VSIP, MSBuild, and other shared IDE features. We've split the video into two parts; second part will come tomorrow. Today Josh Ledgard will introduce us to:

Aaron Brethorst | Tim Sullivan | Paul McKee | Chris McGuire | Allen Denver | Krassimir Karamfilov | Marie Hagman | Paul Harrington | Monty Hammontree | Rob Land | Dan Moseley | Rajeev Goel | Chris Flaat | Abu Miah.



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    The Discussion

    • The​Programmer
      Is there a confirmed release day for VS .net 2005?

    • Dr. Shim
      I haven't heard of one. Although, I believe it might be this year. Would seem unusual if they released it around the same time Longhorn should be due, since another version of Visual Studio will be out sometime thereafter, (as far as I know). (Isn't that version called Visual Studio Orcas?)
    • jonm
      Originally Whidbey was going to be released around Q3-Q4 of 2004.  That has been pushed to Q2 2005 on the roadmaps.  A new version of .NET (3.0 or something) and Visual Studio is outlined on the roadmap for Longhorn.  The codename of that visual studio is "orcas".

    • jledgard

      Hi guys! Yes, the released roadmap is all that we can say right now about RTM dates.

      Hope you enjoyed that. When I watched this again today I think that if I had it to do over I might have segmented this part into three sections around 15 minutes each since I really talk to three separate teams.

      Is there any particular feature, person, or demo that you'd like to get some more information on?  I have my own camera now and would have the time to get a little more in depth with anything you might be interested in.

      - josh

    • rasx

      I have the deepest respect for a dedicated tester, especially code-reveiwing testers. These people actually look at what I am doing in detail so in the best cases we form relationships based on authentic, mutual respect. It's the people trying to see from distance, depending too heavily on political ideology that get my point of being in the office all wrong.

      Excellent testers, QA folks rock in ways thought not rockable!

    • Dr. Shim
      jledgard wrote:

      Is there any particular feature, person, or demo that you'd like to get some more information on?

      - josh

      That's a tough one. I've been quite fascinated by Cω lately... Maybe you could get an interview with Gavin Bierman, (or anothe member of the team),  about how the project is going? Check what their roadmap looks like now for the language, see if it's going to become it's own language, or be part of the C# language.

      That's all I can think of, for the moment...
    • CRPietschma​nn

      I must give props to the guys developing Visual Studio. Being the application I use to develop applications, it is an integral part in my survival as a developer.

      The more of these videos I see, the more I would like to work at Microsoft.

    • aaronbretho​rst

      Thanks for the kind words, Chris!


    • jledgard
      RasX: Having come from the QA world it was great to get a chance to highlight so many of them for this video. Smiley
    • Simo
      TheProgrammer wrote:
      Is there a confirmed release day for VS .net 2005?


      I think the best take on the ship date was from a CNiner who said you'll have it in your hands by Sep 05. I think officialy it's slated for H1 2005. There's no way that will slip that. So I think it's safe bet it'll be in our respective sweaty paws by Sep 05. Maybe/probably earlier.
    • Aviv Raff
      It was hilarious to hear Microsoft's employee saying: "Who needs Windows..?" Wink
    • mr_bliss

      I can't believe Paul Harrington uses a Natural Elite keyboard on his primary machine. Is this actually his preferred keyboard? By far, this was the most disturbing and shocking thing on the whole video.

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