Kam Vedbrat - What did Kam learn by traveling to India?

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    great work guys, good to see channel 9 india active .
    india has a lot of areas to improve on and i m sure we can. cell phones as he said was a luxury not long ago but it  has crossed the number of landline connections . and in pc penetration we are getting there as well just last month a new pc was introduced for Rs 10000 /- thats  around  $ 250 ,it has pentium 1 Ghz,128 mb ram,40 bg hdd,15" monitor and other standard stuff. well, sounds obsolete to any one but its still a dream for some .we have came this far and i know we will catch up soon just as in cell phones Smiley
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    Well said, hope to catch on faster like how the number of cellular phones have surpassed landlines a sign of progress as everyone would agree..

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