Kam Vedbrat - What did Kam learn by traveling to India?

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Length of Video: 3:20

We wondered what differences between India and the United States Kam saw on his recent trip to India. Kam is working on the team that's designing the graphics and animation for the next version of Windows, code-named Longhorn.





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The Discussion

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    great work guys, good to see channel 9 india active .
    india has a lot of areas to improve on and i m sure we can. cell phones as he said was a luxury not long ago but it  has crossed the number of landline connections . and in pc penetration we are getting there as well just last month a new pc was introduced for Rs 10000 /- thats  around  $ 250 ,it has pentium 1 Ghz,128 mb ram,40 bg hdd,15" monitor and other standard stuff. well, sounds obsolete to any one but its still a dream for some .we have came this far and i know we will catch up soon just as in cell phones Smiley
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    Well said, hope to catch on faster like how the number of cellular phones have surpassed landlines a sign of progress as everyone would agree..

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