Kevin Schofield - Tour of Microsoft Research, Part III (SmartPhone, Search, and HIV research)

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The tour of Microsoft Research continues...this is the final of three parts.

Here we meet Raman Sarin, who was part of the team that did a cool little Seattle-area traffic reporting and prediction application (we're dogfooding it here at Channel 9 and it saves us hours every month!). The other developers were Johnson Apacible and Eric Horvitz.

Also in the first part of the video is Eric and Susan Dumais, senior researcher. Susan and Raman worked on the search technology that's part of MSN's Desktop Toolbar Suite (really cool for searching everything on your machine).

Later you meet David Heckerman who is working on HIV research (HIV is the virus that causes AIDS), among other things.

Both David and Eric are actually medical doctors and met at Stanford. David, Eric, and others developed the spam filtering technology that's used by Hotmail. More details on that are here.

The two monitors on Raman's desk are two of the nicest monitors we've seen at Microsoft. Neat setup Raman!

If you missed the previous parts of the tour, here they are:

Part I - Graphic and Developer Tool Research.

Part II - Machine Learning and Information Overload Research.

By the way, Eric Horvitz has more information on his home page and has a survey on "consiousness in computing." That is a popular page and has gotten people to think in different ways about what consciousness.



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