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The tour of Microsoft Research continues. In this segment, Kevin Schofield leads us through the social software group (Lili Cheng gives us a demo of Wallop), the cafeteria, the hardware lab, and more (at the end we meet Eric Brill, search engine researcher, in the hall).

Whoa. Check out that five-axis milling machine. We stop to talk with the inventor of the laser printer, Gary Starkweather.

Mike Sinclair shows us MEMS (Microelectronical Mechanical Systems -- Micromotors). Watch Mike as he explains how he puts up to 10,000 micro machines on one silicon chip the size of your fingernail.

Remember physics class? We love how Mike explains the equation: F=Ma "what happens when you make 'm' really small? You can do amazing things if you make 'm' really small." Small indeed. He built a stepper motor that spins a piece of silicon at steps of 1/25 billionths of a meter.

What are they doing research on micromachines for? To build new kinds of monitors that could potentially cover your walls.

This is a longer video. It's about half an hour long. Pretty unedited too. We left in a short walk through the cafeteria. By the way, doing camera while walking backward isn't as easy as it looks.

Tomorrow and Wednesday the tour continues. Tomorrow we see inside the large and multiple monitor lab.



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The Discussion

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    Great to hear the back story of the invention of the laser printer!

    Btw, a neat trick for shooting while walking backward is to completely rotate the flip-out LCD screen (to 'self-portrait orientation' if your cam supports it) so you may walk forward while shooting backward over your shoulder.

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    I expected that Microsoft would have electronic sliding doors like those on the Starship Enterprise.

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    Best one yet! .. Kind of a shame he hadn't heard of C9, oh well. The chip stuff was VERY interesting, shame we didn't get a look at that 3D display Wink

    You guys have the best toys ever! Next week OS dev Smiley

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    Dr. Shim
    I loved this video! Unedited ones like this are neat!
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    eagle wrote:
    I expected that Microsoft would have electronic sliding doors like those on the Starship Enterprise.


    Hey, this video was absolutely amazing. I loved every bit of this, but especially the micromotors. Holy mackerel! The uses for this is SO MUCH not just limited to video technology. What an isolated application... Microsoft, hello?? Can you say MEDICAL INDUSTRY??
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    Skriker V1.0
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    great video guys!! I enjoyed it very much

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