Kit George - Tour of .NET CLR Base Class Libary Team (Part III)

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The Discussion

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    You guys should ask more often what peoples favorite books are. It's pretty hard to find good books. (Especialy when you want more insight in certain specific things).
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    I'm going to order two of the three. Smiley I need new stuff to read!
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    I tell you what that guy in the stripey shirt is exactly the reason why Apple kicks MS butt, but on the other hand what an asset to the company.
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    I think the main reason why Apple seems to kick in the OS area is that they are not so big in backwards compatibility. For MS it is much harder to make big "innovations" (talking about the GUI) happen as it is not acceptable to just start from scratch every now and then. Though atm I have to wonder what kind of spaghetti the OS X code is to have enabled some of the features they demoed. Maybe they'll spend more time in the future refactoring instead of innovating, unless they scrap everything again - which I doubt a bit this time.

    BTW Am I the only one kicking myself for not getting some Apple stock before it rose back to the '00 level Sad Lets hope there is a time again where MS stock is in demand Wink

    (technically OS X was not started from scratch of course, but I'll limit this to the GUI. MS however is surely carrying some _very_ legacy code even when talking about running the GUI of LH)
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    androidi wrote:
    Lets hope there is a time again where MS stock is in demand Wink

    Yes, this would be very very nice Smiley
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    Yes, someone needs to get Chris Brumme blogging again.
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    Dr. Shim
    Do a lot of developers inside Microsoft use Visual Studio? A guy I know uses notepad instead, (since he deals with a lot of unstable software).

    One thing I like about Channel 9 is how they catch the developers in their chairs. Are the interviews scheduled ahead of time, or are most developers you interview caught by surprise?
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    The Channel 9 Team
    They are scheduled ahead of time, but not all participants might be in on it. We try to keep things spontaneous as possible.

    Yeah, Visual Studio is used a lot, but each developer can decide on their own tools. One guy we interviewed yesterday said he uses Emacs.
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