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Larry Hryb, aka "Major Nelson" talks about how you join in an Xbox Live game. This is a continuation of his previous demo of Xbox Live.

So, if we got a Channel 9 Xbox Live game going, what's your favorite game and what's your gamer tag?

When are you online? How about Saturday nights?





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The Discussion

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    I'm not allowed to talk about my favorite game.

    I have Crimson Skies, Project Gotham Racing 2, and Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow.

    I'm not very good at them so if you want to pick on a weakling, add Celebrian to your friends list.

    (I mostly play City of Heroes on my PC)
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    Add GooberDLX to your gamertags.. most games apply Wink
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    Saturday night is ok if I have enough advance warning Smiley
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    currently playing Crimson skies (both online and off), PGR2, Wolfenstien, Unreal and waiting for Halo 2

    I have to say that Xbox live rocks, I have only been online for a few months (UK broadband is widespread unless you live in the middle of nowhere) and have found that "Live Enabled" is now a required attribute of any xbox game I buy.  good effort guys

    gamertag: slarti42

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    Unreal Championship, Crimson Skies and Rainbow Six 3 are among my favorite titles.  My gamertag is diox

    I am "online" all of the time via my gamertag linkage in Messenger. Smiley

    Saturday nights work well.  Awesome stuff Live crew! 


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    Games....(in a Homer Simpson-esque tone)

    Well, now I am distracted.   There goes my Summer of Express contest entry?  Smiley

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    XBOX 2

    Look at his shirt, the symbol Xe means Xenon (Xbox 2).
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    Are any Niners interested in whooping my sorry butt on Xbox live?

    My gamer tag is JeffSand, send me a live friends request and a fragging we will go.

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    Now playing PGR2, Top Spin, Splinter Cell: PT and some Midtown Madness.

    Here's my gamertag: Jose Luis 

    See you there Wink

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    I'm counting the days till Halo2 rocks XBOX Live!

    I was a bata tester, it's been an amazing ride!

    Gamertag: condor

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