Larry Hryb - Meet Major Nelson of Xbox Live

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You do realize that Channel 9 is partly about finding out who has the coolest job at Microsoft. We can't think of many that'd be cooler than Larry Hryb's. He's in charge of programming at Xbox Live. He explains what that is, and also talks about his online persona: Major Nelson.

Major Nelson (aka Larry) is well known. He even was recently interviewed by ActiveWin.

One thing you should catch is the logo on his t-shirt. Xenon is the code-name for the next version of the Xbox. We tried to get Larry to talk about that (or, even, the anticipated Halo 2, which will be shipping in November) but he wouldn't talk.

If you don't know what Xbox Live is, he filmed a demo for us too. In short it lets you talk and play video games against other people via the Internet (it comes with a headset so you can talk with groups of people).

Speaking of which, anyone up for a game? Leave us your gamer tag and we'll get some games going.



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