Larry Osterman - 20 years at Microsoft

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    You just know you could sit and listen to this guys stories all day .. Smiley
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    I just want to hear more about the history of Microsoft product, the story of development.  Any more?
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    Again, the guy me cannot hear (and most likely don't want to hear) is off camera. edit-edit.
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    I've been reading Larry's stuff for a while now and it's was so cool to see the man behind the words. I could listen to him for hours and would love to spend a day in his mind.

    Hey Larry, how about a video podcast of some type?
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    What kind of sound system do you have? On my system here I can hear myself just fine.

    I don't edit. That's something I try not to do. Why? It reduces believeability. It's easy to skip over my parts, which are short anyway.
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    Mav Phoenix
    Excellent piece, that guy is awesome.
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    Scoble - I could hear you just fine .. also you did edit a chunk out the middle ..
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    Good video.  Looking forward to more in the series.

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    20 years at MS?   Wonder what his net worth is.  Wink
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    GaryBushey wrote:
    20 years at MS?   Wonder what his net worth is.  Wink

    I think there has to be more respect due that he didn't just cut and run with the money when he vested - he must *really* love his job.  How many other people have been at Microsoft as long and still do day to day what they essentially did when they started?

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    Manip wrote:
    Scoble - I could hear you just fine .. also you did edit a chunk out the middle ..

    Yeah, well, I was a bit candid in there Smiley 

    Edit's are a good thing.

    But Scoble's talking about looping the audio - he won't do that, but he does make cuts.

    The interview is pretty much as it was, without the bits that can't be made public.

    Btw, here's Edie (my sister)'s description of what she does:

    We run transaction processing systems that place government benefits on
    debit cards.  (technically I'm supposed to say debit type cards but...)
      It's called Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) So what that really
    means is that instead of printing food stamp coupons, food stamps and
    cash benefits (TANF) now work similarly to your paycheck being direct
    deposited to your checking account and you then use your debit/ATM card
    at the store to spend money.  It's not the most technical explanation,
    but it's easier for people to understand.  Because the feds (who run
    the food stamp program) require that it be free for retailers to
    participate in the Food Stamp Program, we provide POS terminals to
    retailers that only process benefit transactions.  Stores can also use
    their own store systems to connect to our system instead of taking our
    limited terminals.  So, if you go to Target or WalMart, and you look at
    the terminal in the checkout lane, there is a button for EBT or it
    comes up as an option on the screen-- debit, credit or EBT.  Most
    people have no idea what the EBT button stands for.  We also provide
    the cards to benefit recipients, depending on what the state wants. 
    All states currently use EBT instead of food stamp coupons at this

    ACS also disburses child support payments for states.  Non custodial
    parent has child support taken directly out of his/her paycheck, we
    process and transmit the child support payment to the custodial parent.
      And we run electronic toll collection programs-- EZ Pass in NYS and
    other states is ours.

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    Hi Scobleizer great job, this guy is a plasure to listen to. would love to listen to him more often.
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    Dr. Shim
    Sign up for his blog! Smiley
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    Shrage: you'll hear more from Larry all week long. Glad you liked it!
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    What a pleasurable man to listen too.  Sounds like a professor i had for programming in University, his office was filled with cool stuff too!

    I wonder all the part of Windows (or etc) he has written that i use everyday.

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    I really like watching old Computer Chronicles episodes in the Prelinger Archives and this guys really fits in to this enjoyment. Another download for me from Channel9!
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    Osterman is obviously a really cool guy.  I wish I knew him personally.  What a treat to be introduced to him.
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    More Larry videos please!
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    LarryOsterman wrote:

    Yeah, well, I was a bit candid in there Smiley 

    Hi Larry

    just to say that you're a wonderful person.

    Greetings from Italy

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