MSN TV - Bringing MSN Services into the living room

Play MSN TV - Bringing MSN Services into the living room

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    tv .msn dot ...what?! this could easily just be a link on a messenger tab, why isn't included in messenger anyway, it runs using messenger technology so why not add it to a tab.

    Letting multiple people access one pc is great, even if it’s just for scheduling

    Why can't the api's be made for MCE 2004, that’s the one I have (because MS wont let me upgrade)

    Messenger 7 and WMP 10 can display next to a buddy name what they are listening to, I would like to see a list of the programmes that I and others on my list are going to record/watch. then I could click a request button from my buddy which would add their program to my list and record it, or put it in the longhorn P2P queue so when they have recorded it I can simply request a transfer of it ?

    And what’s all this jivin' about a no can do for remote streaming from the home PC, it can be done today right?! well I'll be expecting it in Longhorn then, or soon after.
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    Remote programming is a great addition. It seems that it is still quite limited though, as it seems geared towards personal use more than social use.
    We need to unique urls for shows (the same way that IMDB urls can be used to identify movies), so they can be exchanged in email or webpages, in addition to getting recorded remotely...
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    Spot the C9 guy! Anyone see him next to the laptop! Great video guys!
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    Here is what MS says..........
    Finally, MSN Remote Record only works on Media Center PCs in the United States and Canada. The possibility exists for MSN Remote Record to be available for use in other countries eventually. (For good news about Media Center in other markets, see Availability of Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 Will Expand to 20 Additional Markets Worldwide.)

    However, I think there is hope for Austrlian users, if MS continues down this path.  The Australian TV channel 9 has a strong partnership with MS.  Hence the website ">">

    On this site you can also watch the latest news recordings and spot TV specials.  ">">

    So, there shouldn't be much of a problem making this feature work in Australia
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    Great video, always nice to see MCE on Channel 9
    Now can we have it in the UK

    The Windows Media Center Show
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    It is good to keep in mind that some of the ideas mentioned are very niche-focused.  For example, I would guess that there are a total of 5 of us who actually have a tablet PC with a setup that communicates with MCE 2005, and want this functionality you mention.  I personally would see most using the MCE for watching alone/as a family where it's just you and the MCE, browsing video and similar content. 

    The guy does have vision though - with allowing any phone to allow remote record.  Maybe something simple like a text message to a specific number (like text messaging Googl to get information) could allow you to schedule a program as would work across all phones too!

    It would also be nice to allow/add in Audio downloads from the various audio download sites because most people with the setup may wish to get comfortable in the living room and just play some background audio (and download at the same time from Napster,, or whomever). 
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    Orb are allowing users for free to stream their saved TV shows, or any other media files including music I beleive remotely. So how come this kind of functionality which should be in MSN Messenger is not, nothing I would like more than to use the Wi-Fi on my handheld to grab a pre-recorded programme on the train back from home.


    Check it out!

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