Matthew Carlson - What happens if Alerts goes down, say on a Saturday? Doesn't Steve Ballmer call yo

Play Matthew Carlson - What happens if Alerts goes down, say on a Saturday? Doesn't Steve Ballmer call yo
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    Well, I assume that for every failing machine, at least five other ones are waiting to pick its tasks up? I've actually never noticed Hotmail being down..

    What I would like to know is, what exactly happens when the Messenger service can't connect and it says 'Check if you're behind a firewall blah blah' (as if it's my fault, hah!). Have the servers just reached their maximum number of connections or is it something else?

    (Dunno if this can be answered by someone from the Alerts team, but they're at least related technologies right? Smiley
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    Firewall error messages do not occur because of a lack of service capacity. There are many MSN Messenger firewall and proxy error messages. They arise from a wide array of scenarios. Overloaded corporate HTTP firewalls will occasionally drop MSN Messenger traffic without notifying MSN Messenger. Some home residential gateways will do this as well. Software firewalls can prevent Messenger from getting to the networking layer of the operating system (MSN Messenger will sometimes guess correctly that this is a firewall issue although it looks like there is no internet connection to the process). Many users simply misconfigure their proxy. For people consistently getting such an error message, we always recommend unchecking the "I use a proxy server" box in Options->Connections and let our automated logic try to connect to the service.


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    Right, thanks for the answer.
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    Thanks for the video. It now makes sense why the server wasn't working.


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