Matthew Carlson - What have you learned by working at Microsoft?

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Matthew Carlson, program manager on the Alerts team, tells us what he's learned in his two years of working at Microsoft. Alerts are those messages that come up on the bottom of the screen if you've signed up with Microsoft partners like United Airlines, or MSNBC news. You can get Alerts in MSN Messenger and they are coded in C# on the .NET platform.



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    Well, these are some interesting facts to know.

    Couldn't some of you guys tell a little bit about how you came to Micrsoft? Like what did you guys do before? Did you approach them? If so, how? You know, all the really interesting stuff for us young developers to know. Wink

    Thanks in Advance. Tongue Out
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    Oops....didn't see the roll call thread.... i'm hereby withdrawing my demand. Wink

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